Stability is defined as the capacity of a drug substance or drug product to remain within the established specifications to maintain its identity, strength, quality and purity through out the retest or expiration dating period.

The objective of stability study is to determine the shelf life, namely the time period of storage at a specified condition within which the drug product still meets its established specifications.

Stability is an essential factor of quality, safety and efficacy of a drug product. A drug product, which is not of sufficient stability, can result in changes in physical (like hardness, dissolution rate, phase separation etc) as well as chemical characteristics (formation of high risk decomposition substances).

The Chemical stability of drug is of great importance since it becomes less effective as it undergoes degradation. Also drug decomposition may yield toxic by products that are harmful to the patient. Microbiological instability of a sterile drug product could also be hazardous.

Stability evaluation of drug substance or drug product is the key to drug quality as it determines the efficacy of any drug or dosage form. Stability assessment of drug products and drug substances are mandated by regulatory agencies across the globe.

In fact, stability-testing issues are responsible for a number of audit findings by regulatory agencies. Stability testing problems are regularly cited in warning letters and sometimes results in costly product recall.

Stability testing provides evidence that the quality of drug substance or drug product changes with time under the influence of various environmental conditions such as temperature, relative humidity etc.

The stability study consists of a series of tests in order to obtain an assurance of stability of a drug product, namely maintenance of the drug product packed in it specified packaging material and stored in the established storage condition within the determined time period.

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